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Touring the Exhibition


An animated film outlines the history of our freedom of choices - from Eve's expulsion from paradise to the paradisiac situation in today’s "supermarket of choices."

Agony of choices

Truffle or hazelnut? Caramel or Grand Cru? Do more choices make us happier? "Yes and no" is the preliminary response of reputable psychologists, examining decision- making processes.


Anna or Lena? Lars or Luke? Or both? Every second marriage ends in divorce. And yet, 84% of young people believe in eternal love. Why do we choose our partner and how long does happiness last? Couples and singles tell their stories.


Artist or chef? Stay or leave? Chosing a career is a major decision - but often, it is no longer a choice for life.

Stay or leave? Promotion or change? These are questions that accompany us throughout our lives. 

New opportunities

Is our range of decisions limited? Increased concentration, cosmetic surgery, self- determined time of death – things that were previously unattainable are now lying more and more in our hands.

Question of mind over matter

Why it is sometimes better to say no? The famous marshmallow test shows: Long-term goals can only be achieved by those who can resist short-term temptations. But those who want to renounce temptations in the supermarket the choices, need willpower.
Videos show how hard this can be.

Matter of luck

Do we all have the same choices in the supermarket? It has been said, Man forges its own destiny. But statistics prove that our destiny very much depends on whether we are born as woman or man, rich or poor, in New York or Nairobi.


Participate or abstain? Resign or oppose? In Switzerland, less than half of the voters go to the polls. Why do some people choose to participate in elections while others don’t? For which purpose is it worth to join opposition or protesters? Voters and non-voters talk about their positions.


Theory or practice? Security or risk? Heart surgeons, councillors, federal judges, referees, CEOs or chief editors: They all make decisions in complex situations under time pressure. What strategies do they use? Psychologist and author Gerd Gigerenzer analyzes the risks of decision-making.

Diagnoses and prescriptions

Brain or guts? How does our brain make a decision? And what happens when the amount of choices is overwhelming? Psychologist Maja Storch talks about the healthy mix between head and heart. In addition, there are 30 strategies for easier decision-making.


Coincidence and fate

We make plans for the future. We schedule our wedding, decorate the nursery and plan our career. Until suddenly something unexpected forces us to stop.
The stories of people, for whom either coincidence or fate determined their future lives, are narrated in an installation featuring a backdrop of empty supermarket shelves.

Random Island

An installation by the artis' duo Husmann/Tschaeni.

Test stations

How do I decide when in love, and in terms of career? Are there patterns to my decision making and what type of decision maker am I?
In the exhibition there are stations where you can test your own decision making. 


At the end of the tour, the visitor return his DECIDE CARD to the person at the cashier and receive an evaluation of his test in form of a receipt including advice for future decision-making.