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DECIDE! The Exhibition about Life in the Supermarket of Choices

Organic or generic? Anna or Lena? Kids or career? Or both? We have the choice - and the burden of responsibility for our own happiness.

DECIDE! takes visitors to the supermarket of bountiful choices. In a world of job-hoppers, uncommitted lovers and non-voters, in a world where everything seems possible, but nothing can be taken for granted, those who make the right decisions in the supermarket of choices are the lucky ones. But this is easier said than done. Shall we listen to our brain or to our guts? How do we make smart decisions without regretting missed opportunities?

DECIDE! investigates the process of decision-making and analyses the interaction of personal freedom and social responsibility, accident and fate. During the tour, visitors evaluate issues, adopt a position, and collect points at different stations. At the end of the exhibition, at a cashier’s station, each visitor will be given a receipt with a personal advice - so that the next decision is hopefully a little easier.